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2024 Speaker Line-up

Who should join

AI, BI, and Data leaders (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, data literacy, business intelligence, and analytics professionals).

There's a lot to look forward to

Keynote Sessions

Kick off the day with keynote sessions from industry thought leaders and global Enterprises.

Expert Sessions

The 30-minute sessions will span a variety of formats and subjects. From semantic layer basics to best practices, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Lineup of inspiring speakers

You’ll learn from some of the leading minds in data, AI & BI at Enterprises across industries. Hear directly from the people that pioneered the semantic layer and the leaders that are pushing the space forward.

Interactive opportunities

We see this as a conversation for everyone. Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to participate, chat with other attendees, and more.

Meaningful connections

Be ready to meet other brilliant minds, exchange ideas, network, and lay the foundations for new, valuable partnerships thanks to our Networking area.

Extra content and recordings

You’ll have access to all recordings after the event is over, so you can go back and rewatch the sessions you didn’t catch live. We’ll also share slides and more.

2024 Agenda

10:30 am

Semantic Layer Summit Keynote

Semantic Layer Summit’s featured keynote delivered by AtScale’s co-founder and CTO David P. Mariani will explore important new innovations in semantic layer platforms as it relates to the concepts of composable semantic modeling, decentralized data product innovation, and ecosystem integration.

Speakers: Dave Mariani
11:50 am
Fireside Chat

Accuracy and Explainability of LLMs for the Enterprise: Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Layers to the Rescue

A popular application of LLMs for the enterprise is question answering systems, aka chat with the data. Being able to chat with data residing in enterprise SQL databases provides tremendous potential for transforming data-driven decisions. But challenges persist, notably the lack of accuracy and explainability because LLMs do not have enterprise context. In this talk, Juan Sequeda will present the results of his research on why Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Layers have been identified as a solution to fill the context gaps in order to provide accurate and explainable answers.

Speakers: Juan Sequeda
12:20 pm
Lightning Talk

From Concept to Execution: Tips for Implementing a Semantic Layer Strategy

The Semantic Layer offers incredible opportunities for business and data teams when it comes to data governance, self-service analytics, and improved LLM accuracy for GenAI. The question for many data leaders is where to start and how to ensure success. Join our industry panel as they share practical tips and strategies for implementing a semantic layer in the enterprise.

Speakers: Colin Taggart, Sunil Soni
12:45 pm
Roundtable Discussion

The Economics of Data: Building a FinOps Practice to Optimize Data and Analytics Costs

Every organization works to understand the business value of the cloud. Join our Financial Operations panel of experts and practitioners as they discuss strategies for fostering collaboration between finance, engineering, and business teams to optimize cloud spending.

Speakers: Dann Berg, Melvin Brown, Vikas Ranjan
1:15 pm
Lightning Talk

Creating a Data-Driven Culture: Best Practices and Strategies from Practitioners

Everyone agrees that an enterprise’s data is one of its most valuable resources. The challenge is in fostering a culture across an organization to leverage its data to improve all facets of the business. Join industry experts as they share their strategies for cultivating a data centric culture.

Speakers: Andrea De Mauro, Veronika Durgin, Anna-Maria Steverson
2:05 pm
Roundtable Discussion

Beyond Data: A Visionary Perspective on the Future of Enterprise Analytics

Data Analytics is undergoing a transformative journey with advancements in GenAI and Data Products. In this session, we'll explore the evolving world of analytics, discussing trends and technologies that are shaping data-driven decision-making. Whether you're a business leader, data scientist, or tech enthusiast, join us for a valuable discussion on the strategies and tools that will define the future of analytics.

Speakers: John Furrier, Bill Inmon, Dave Mariani, Sanjeev Mohan, Benn Stancil
12:00 pm

Building the Enterprise Semantic Layer Together

Investing in the semantic layer is crucial for enhancing data accessibility, expediting insights delivery, and ensuring KPI consistency. At AtScale, we're committed to empowering this ecosystem by offering avenues to kickstart semantic layer development, whether through our community edition, industry expertise collaboration, or seamless integration with our infrastructure. We prioritize partnerships with SIs and ISVs to grow the semantic layer and invite interested parties to join the AtScale Partner Program to drive innovation in data analytics.

Speakers: Cort Johnson
12:25 pm
Tech Talk

The Value of a Semantic Layer for GenAI

By empowering an LLM with the logical context of a semantic layer, we can incorporate business terminology and logic into its responses and enable queries to the database using natural language ( instead of SQL). Coupling this with AtScale’s query engine results in increased performance in the face of Natural Language prompts from business users. In this talk we will explore an application of such a model, in the form of an LLM and Semantic Layer backed Chat Bot.

Speakers: Krishna Srihasam, Jeff Curran
12:45 pm
Tech Talk

Accelerating Semantic Model Creation Using Generative AI on Google Cloud

The hardest part of implementing an enterprise semantic layer is modeling the business’ data definitions. Integrating Generative AI with a Semantic Layer creates a robust, user-friendly way for organizations to accelerate semantic model creation deployed across the enterprise. In this session we’ll investigate how Google’s Gemini, leveraging a semantic layer, helps identify trends from onshore oil and gas production data from the Texas Railroad Commission. We’ll demystify technologies for those new to the generative AI or the semantic layer landscape by creating KPIs using the LLM for use in analytics workflows and dashboards.

Speakers: Maruti C, Nathan Cameron
1:15 pm
Tech Talk

Semantic Layers are the Missing Piece for AI-Enable Analytics with Cube

As the field of data analytics continues to progress and expand, the role of semantic layers in harnessing the power of AI is becoming increasingly crucial. The incorporation of context and constraint is essential to optimizing the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs), which requires a more structured and specialized approach. While traditional methods have made strides in providing some context through prompt engineering and knowledge graphs, semantic layers offer unparalleled clarity and efficiency in bridging the gap for LLMs. To further unfold the narrative on semantic layers and their transformative impact on AI-enabled analytics, we invite you to a thought-provoking session with Artyom Keydunov, Cube's CEO & Co-founder at the Semantic Layer Summit.

Speakers: Artyom Keydunov
1:45 pm
Tech Talk

The Key to Unlocking Value in the Data Cloud with Snowflake

The value of semantic layers for business intelligence is well-understood, and has been a focus of a host of innovations in the past decade. However, with the emergence of new classes of data-driven applications - native data applications, AI-driven insights, and analytic co-pilots - semantic layers are in a position to unlock even more value from enterprise data. In this session we will discuss the evolution of semantic layers for BI, along with the evolving set of modern analytical use cases that benefit from semantic layers.

Speakers: Josh Klahr
2:15 pm
Tech Talk

Enabling Insights with Prebuilt Semantic Models with Databricks

As organizations seek to extract insights from a wider range of internal and external data sources, careful consideration of how best to enable consistent, effective and appropriate use becomes increasingly important. Using prebuilt semantic models, organizations can now tap into the expertise of the data providers to create a curated experience that steers analysts towards the insights the organization requires.

Speakers: Bryan Smith
2:30 pm
Lightning Talk

Ensuring Data Consistency with a Smart Data Fabric

Today’s organizations grapple with an ever-increasing amount of data which makes it challenging to ensure all users operate from a current, single source of truth. Harris Associates has found a solution by leveraging a smart data fabric architecture enriched with a semantic layer. Join us as we share Harris Associates’ story, where technology meets strategic vision to deliver operational efficiencies.

Speakers: Joe Lichtenberg
2:50 pm
Lightning Talk

How Snowplow is Modernizing Digital Analytics with a Warehouse-Centric Strategy

Packaged analytics solutions such as GA4 have hindered a company's ability to derive insights due to latency and data quality issues. Through real-time streaming into your warehouse, Snowplow's rich behavioral data allows teams to surface in-depth learnings and improve decision making across marketing, product, and other areas of the business. Join our session with John Reid (Senior PM at Snowplow) as he showcases how Snowplow Digital Analytics orients around the warehouse and operationalizes additional workflows in the semantic layer and other parts of the technology stack.

Speakers: John Reid

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