Featuring 30+ Enterprise Data Leaders & Top Industry Technologists

Featuring 30+ Enterprise Data Leaders & Top Industry Technologists, the Semantic Layer Summit is a free one-day virtual event. Hear advice and best practices from top data leaders, AI & BI technologists, & industry experts in Enterprise data analytics.

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Who should join

AI, BI, and Data leaders (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, data literacy, business intelligence, and analytics professionals).

There's a lot to look forward to

Keynote Sessions

Kick off the day with keynote sessions from industry thought leaders and global Enterprises.

Expert Sessions

The 30-minute sessions will span a variety of formats and subjects. From semantic layer basics to best practices, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Lineup of inspiring speakers

You’ll learn from some of the leading minds in data, AI & BI at Enterprises across industries. Hear directly from the people that pioneered the semantic layer and the leaders that are pushing the space forward.

Interactive opportunities

We see this as a conversation for everyone. Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to participate, chat with other attendees, and more.

Meaningful connections

Be ready to meet other brilliant minds, exchange ideas, network, and lay the foundations for new, valuable partnerships thanks to our Networking area.

Extra content and recordings

You’ll have access to all recordings after the event is over, so you can go back and rewatch the sessions you didn’t catch live. We’ll also share slides and more.


Main Stage

10:30 am
Keynote 1

The Semantic Layer in the Modern Data Stack

Dave Mariani, founder and CTO of AtScale, discusses the evolution of the modern data stack and its impact on organizational capability and analytics maturity with a focus on the role of the semantic layer in capturing value from data infrastructure investments.
11:00 am
Keynote 2

A Semantic Layer in Practice: Tales from the Front Line

A look at how the semantic layer has evolved from the days of traditional OLAP to modern cloud data platforms - what has changed, what has stayed the same, where is it going as the world moves towards augmented analytics.
11:30 am
Keynote 3

Delivering Data Products Powered by a Semantic Layer

A discussion of models used by leading teams to deliver self service and foster data product innovation. How does the semantic layer empower different organizational models of analytics governance (e.g. Data Mesh, Hub and Spoke, Centralized BI)
12:00 pm
Lightning Talk 1

Fostering a Modern Data Culture: A New Mindset

How do you nurture a data-driven culture in your organization? How has adoption of AI/ML impacted data culture. How has the modern data stack impacted data team skill sets and personas?
12:30 pm
Lightning Talk 2

How a Semantic Layer can support Data Literacy

A fresh look at the topic of data literacy in an age of AI/ML-augmented analytics. How can the semantic layer support natural language analytics and data literacy initiatives.
1:00 pm
Keynote 4

Lakehouse vs. Warehouse: Is it a battle worth fighting?

An unbiased look at the holy war of Lakehouse vs Warehouse. Are there pros and cons that are worth understanding? What really matters from an analytics perspective in selecting a data platform?
1:30 pm
Keynote 5

Paving a Road to an Effective Data Mesh

A holistic look at the concept of Data Mesh and the strategies (technology and organizational) for pursuing. How a semantic layer platform can support decentralized ownership of data products?
2:00 pm
Lightning Talk 3

The Econometrics of Data-Driven Insight Creation: Justifying Analytics Infrastructure Investments

A fresh look at analyzing the economics of enterprise insight creation and a model for measuring ROI on investments. Understand how analytics investments impact the enterprise value created.
2:30 pm
Lightning Talk 4

Strategies for Silo Busting: Aligning Data Science & BI Teams behind Business Outcomes

One of the primary barriers to delivering more value from data science has been getting getting actionable AI-generated insights to business users. Leveraging BI infrastructure to disseminate analytics augmented with data science is an enormous opportunity. To realize the potential, organizations must break down the many silos separating the two teams.
3:00 pm
Lightning Talk 5

Data & Analytics Governance Strategies for Driving Growth & Preventing Anarchy

Data and analytics governance can be enormously empowering to self service initiatives. Creating the right guardrails without impacting agility is key. This conversation will focus on strategies for implementing governance in a way that supports self service and data product innovation.
3:30 pm
Lightning Talk 6

Metrics Layers vs. Semantic Layers - What’s the difference?

The terms metrics layer and semantic layer are both seeing a surge in usage in vendor messaging. Is there a difference? This discussion will delve into the semantics of both terms and dissect the relevant difference in a way that supports making better investment decisions.
4:00 pm
Keynote 6

The Opportunity of Augmented Analytics: A Survey of Most Promising Concepts poised to Impact Analytics in the next 24 Months

Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Real time inference data and model explainability, Natural Language Analytics. We are in a time of rapid innovation in the analytics space. This group of experts will discuss some of the hottest topics and offer opinion on what’s hype and what’s for real.

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